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Classic 1990's Horror VHS



A young boy tells three stories of horror to distract a witch who plans to eat him.


Debbie Harry Matthew Lawrence David Forrester Christian Slater Robert Sedgwick Steve Buscemi Donald Van Horn Michael Deak Julianne Moore George Guidall Ralph Marrero Kathleen Chalfant David Johansen Paul Greeno William Hickey Alice Drummond Dolores Sutton Mark Margolis James Remar Ashton Wise Philip Lenkowsky Robert Klein Rae Dawn Chong Joe Dabenigno Larry Silvestri Donna Davidge Nicole Leach Daniel Harrison


Our items are sourced from various markets and private sellers. All our items are held in stock and are shipped within 1-2 Days. 

We grade our items for sale from MINT - Grade C : 

MINT = Perfect, Possibly unread or unused, No Creasing, fading, or foxing. (it is very rare to find a MINT retro item!).

Grade A = Almost perfect, but obviously used read. May have slight spine wear or small defects. 

Grade B = Shall we say "Well Loved"... Some spine wear, foxing, and edge wear. Maybe even a name written inside or an old price sticker. Most of the items we find are Grade B.

Grade C = Slightly more "loved", possible loose pages, but still complete enough to display or collect. We would not normally sell a Grade C Item unless it is collectible in its own right


Listing titles include the date the item was first released, and may not be the specific issue / print / manufacturing date of the item for sale. 

For details regarding condition, specific issue / print dates, or any other questions, please contact us prior to purchase

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie - 1990

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