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Classic 1990's Horror VHS


A monstrous crocodile stalks people in a place where a resort may be built, and it feats on anyone unfortunate enough to be in the water.


Initial release: December 1990

Director: Giannetto De Rossi

Cinematography: Giovanni Bergamini

Editor: Vincenzo Tomassi

Film series: Killer Crocodile

Music composed by: Riz Ortolani


Our items are sourced from various markets and private sellers. All our items are held in stock and are shipped within 1-2 Days. 

We grade our items for sale from MINT - Grade C : 

MINT = Perfect, Possibly unread or unused, No Creasing, fading, or foxing. (it is very rare to find a MINT retro item!).

Grade A = Almost perfect, but obviously used read. May have slight spine wear or small defects. 

Grade B = Shall we say "Well Loved"... Some spine wear, foxing, and edge wear. Maybe even a name written inside or an old price sticker. Most of the items we find are Grade B.

Grade C = Slightly more "loved", possible loose pages, but still complete enough to display or collect. We would not normally sell a Grade C Item unless it is collectible in its own right


Listing titles include the date the item was first released, and may not be the specific issue / print / manufacturing date of the item for sale. 

For details regarding condition, specific issue / print dates, or any other questions, please contact us prior to purchase

Killer Crocodile II - 1990

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